Sunday, October 21, 2018

2-Year Temple Reservations Expiring Soon

A recent posting on the home page of refers to this. It may be confusing, as the article it points to in the FamilySearch blog is from last year. Oops!

But the November-December time period is when Temple Reservations have expired in recent years, so we expect it will happen soon.

What Happens:
Ordinances reserved prior to 1 May 2016 will be released.

1. Any ordinance for that person has been completed since 1 May 2016. (This re-sets the clock.)
2. The ordinances have been shared with the temple.

If you have printed a card but the ordinances have been released the card remains valid. But just before using it, check that no one else has printed a card for the same ordinances. If they have, please destroy your card to avoid duplication of ordinances.

For further information, please click the link above.

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