Saturday, October 20, 2018

Missing Apps and Missing App Gallery

A few weeks ago the FamilySearch App Gallery became the Solutions Gallery. The link at the bottom of most screens takes us to the re-designed page.

What is the difference? Presumably it allows the scope of offerings to be expanded beyond apps. But in the short term, about 30 apps have ceased to be available there. This includes some favorites such as Find-a-record, and All-the-stories. According to the information at, a change to the FamilySearch API (application programming interface) makes it too costly to conform to the new specifications. That is really unfortunate. I hope that new Solutions will become available to fill the gaps, but old favorites will be missed.

One popular use of find-a-record was to find family names to take to the temple.Some other apps for that purpose seem to have vanished as well. But there is something new. Check out the Ordinances Ready function in the Family Tree app.

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