Thursday, October 18, 2018

Some Current Issues

As of mid-October, some patrons are experiencing these issues;

1. Unable to view the new Person page. WindowsXP/Vista may be able to view the Person page when using Firefox even if it is not visible in Chrome. Older Macs may need to use Family Tree Lite to view the new Person page. This should work for other older computers that cannot view the new Person page.

2. The Submit button on the ordinance request form does not activate. This usually occurs when requesting ordinances under the 110-year policy. Try putting data in every possible field and removing parentheses from the phone number. (Even if the system puts them there.)

3. If the system does not allow you to edit the sex of a record, do a screen shot of the screen, then remove all relationships from the wrong-gender record, edit the sex and then add the relationships, using your screen shot for reference. Another alternative is to delete the wrong gender record and create a new record eith thr correct gender.

4. With the introduction of the new Person page, there arrived a new popup blocker that prevents doing searches from the Person page using, and I am unaware of a connection between the two items, but there might be one. Please see the screen shot below.

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