Sunday, October 21, 2018

Ordinances Ready

Ordinances Ready
A recent addition to the FamilySearch Family Tree mobile app is Ordinances Ready. It allows you to quickly find a few family names to take to the temple. The basic concept is to provide you with enough to accomplish during a single visit to the temple. So you can print cards for up to: 5 baptisms and confirmations, or 5 initiatories, or 1 endowment, or 5 sealings to spouse or 10 sealings to parents. And you are allowed 90 days to complete them, or they revert back to their previous status. This tool is for hastening the work, not for reserving large numbers of ordinances that never get done. I like it. To print additional cards for youth baptisms, I need to sign in as a Helper. Or have the youth print out their own cards.

From Ordinances Ready you can print the temple cards, or give the 16-digit number to the temple office and ask them to print the cards.

A web-browser based version of Ordinances Ready can be tried out on the Temple tab at  When the beta testing is completed, we expect it to be available at In the meantime it works in the iOS and Android versions of the Family Tree mobile app.

For the latest information, a good source is Ron Tanner's video blogs. He is the general manager of the FamilySearch Family Tree.

Ron's blogs gave me additional information on using Ordinances Ready, beyond what is given in the
knowledge article Using the Ordinances Ready feature to easily find names for the temple (542303)

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