Saturday, February 9, 2019

Current Tech Issues on FamilySearch

We have been experiencing some tech issues over the past few weeks. The engineers are working on them, but we do not know when they will be resolved.

1. The GEDCOM system is working again. Patrons can upload GEDCOM files to Pedigree Resource File, and then view the records and add them to FamilyTree if they wish.

2. The 1851 jurisdiction maps for England and Wales are not working.

3. The Source Linker sometimes fails, especially if Microsoft Edge is used as the browser. For best results use Chrome.

4. The current version of Edge brings up a server error when trying to open sources and some other historical records.

When Microsoft finishes transforming Edge to use the Chromium rendering engine, the issues should disappear. We do not know when this transformation will be completed, but we expect it to be completed as soon as possible.

5. When viewing the list of people tagged in a story, Firefox will only show the first 5. There should be a scroll bar to scroll through the list, but there is not. Chrome works fine.

6. Ordinances Ready is a replacement for being given unrelated names by the temple. It works nicely for this purpose, and the names will usually be related to you.
Patrons should not expect Ordinances Ready to reserve large numbers of names, as that is not its purpose.
To print names for a patron you will need to sign in as their helper, on the website or the app.
If Ordinances Ready prints cards for sealings where the parent's ordinances are not completed, we suggest that you use the cards. It is preferred that the parents' ordinances be completed first, but if they are done out of sequence, they are valid ordinances that become effective when the previous ordinances are completed and they are accepted by the deceased people and by the Holy Ghost.

Reminder: The process of replacing the computers within a family history center is handled directly from the Family History Department. This is done on a replacement cycle and based on budget availability. Centers should not be directed to the FM group for replacements.

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