Friday, February 27, 2015

Family History Research Basics For Consultants

Training Video for Consultants

This morning I saw a posting by Cathy Anderegg that I thought I should share.

"Cathy Anderegg: Great little, quick video on Research Basics for Consultants. Nifty.… 
Family History Research Basics For Consultants | FamilySearch.orgBrowse hundreds of online genealogy courses to help you discover your family historyon FamilySearch about a video course for Family History Consultants."

I checked the video and it is excellent and packed with information. It may need to be viewed multiple times to absorb all of the information.

The link is

Please share this video with consultants and staff at your FHC. And with others who have responsibilities in family history.


New FamilySearch Partners

Two new FamilySearch partners have been announced. They are: - The New England Historic Genealogical Society

Started in 1847, this is the oldest genealogical society in the USA. It is perhaps the best site in the world for New England research. - This seems to be a social media site for building your family tree. I am not sure what it has to offer that is not offered by FamilySearch Family Tree or by the other partner sites, but I hope to learn more. 

If you have an LDS Account, you can get your free partner accounts from:  Hold that thought! Apparently is not currently included on that page, but American Ancestors is! 

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