Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Training videos from RootsTech 2015

I viewed the videos on this page, and enjoyed all of them, including the one that I thought might have the least to offer me, consultant training. In this one, the software engineer was asked a lot of tough questions and I enjoyed his answers about up-coming solutions to some common problems. You may have been faced by the same questions.

For example:

When will we be able to merge IOUS records?
How did the IOUS mess originate?
Why does FamilySearch have commercial partners?
When will all of FamilySearch's records be indexed?
At what point will long-reserved ordinances be automatically released?

shortened URL for use in newsletters, etc.:  

I loved the fact that these could all be downloaded. They can provide good training in the FHC.

Other RootsTech sessions are available from 

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