Thursday, February 19, 2015

FamilySearch Apps Gallery

At present there are 25 family history apps available to download through the Apps Gallery. Some are free, some have a modest price. Some apps are for only one operating system, other apps may be available for others. There are brief descriptions on the Apps Gallery page itself and links to the home pages of the various apps.

Check out the Apps Gallery at

Blogger Lisa Louise Cook in her Genealogy Gems newsletter refers to other apps useful for genealogy:
"While the FamilySearch App Gallery is a great resource, it isn’t a comprehensive home for ALL family history related apps. And a lot of genealogy-friendly apps aren’t categorized as such in Google Play or the App Store. Learn more about TONS of apps to further YOUR family history in Lisa’s book Turn Your iPad into a Genealogy Powerhouse. This book introduces you to the tablet/iPad way of “thinking” (it’s different than how you use a computer). It gives you an in-depth look at over 65 genealogy-friendly apps, 32 fabulous tips and tricks and links to online videos where you can watch things for yourself. Got a tablet? No problem–apps available in Google Play are included, and the tips include clues about features to look for in your brand of tablet."


For more on LDS mobile apps see:
Mobile Applications

Some of my favorite LDS apps that are not for family history include:

LDS Gospel Library 
- Scriptures
- General Conference
- Church Magazines
- Lesson Manuals
- Other Manuals
- Music
- Videos
- Etc.
(This is the app that replaced my briefcase!)

LDS Tools
- Ward and Stake Directories
- Callings (e.g. Who is the Primary President in Yellowhead Ward?)
- Lists
- Calendar
- Meeting Houses
- Maps
(You can only see information pertaining to your own stake, which is somewhat unfortunate as I serve in a different stake's FHC. My stake doesn't have one, so I am serving as a volunteer.)

If you have favorite apps that you use for family history or other callings, I invite you to describe them the Comments.

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