Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What do you do when nobody comes?

On last Thursday's shift we had no classes scheduled and no patrons came. But it was still a productive evening. My partner on the shift that night had replaced his dead desktop computer with a new laptop a few weeks previously, and was unable to sign in new.FamilySearch.org. His daughter had registered him in nFS and had used her own email address, so the sign-in/password recovery system didn't work the last time I had spoken to him about it. In the interval he had phoned to change the email address. It seemed that things should be very simple.

Not quite! I guided him through the process of having his sign-in name emailed to him automatically by FamilySearch. He then phoned his wife and asked her to check for the email message. She told him that she had never been able to access email on the new computer. At this point he decided to go home and fetch the laptop. When he got back I checked Windows Mail and sure enough, he needed a password to access his email. I helped him find the phone number for his ISP, and after verifying his identity, they reset his password. Now he could open his email from FamilySearch and get his sign-in name. I was going to guide him through the steps of recovering his FamilySearch password, but he remembered it, so that was unnecessary. When he signed in, Internet Explorer said that it was not the password that was saved for that sign-in name. I asked him to ignore the warning, and in a few seconds he was happily looking at his family pedigree.

Later I even helped him with some research on his wife's family line.

So it was a nice productive evening ... even if no patrons came. But this week we have a class on German genealogy research, and I hope we get a good turn-out.

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