Sunday, June 16, 2013

Print Charts - Delete Person

Print Charts
The ability to print Family Group Records  and 4-generation Pedigrees is a very welcome addition to Family Tree. This is done from the Person view, and not from the Pedigree view. The charts can also be saved as PDF files, which can be sent to others.

If you wish to print charts without ordinances, look in the URL and change ords=true to ords=false and press the Enter key. The chart will be shown without ordinances. (The URL in non-member accounts does not have the option to show ordinances.)

If you are using Firefox and the chart comes up blank, save the chart and reopen it to see the data. You can also use an external viewer, which will show the data. If the ability to change the URL is not important, you can change a setting in Firefox to automatically use your preferred PDF viewer. e.g. Tools menu > Options > Applications > Portable Document Format (PDF) > change the viewer to Adobe Reader (or whatever you use) > OK

Delete Person
This new feature has been causing mayhem in the hands of some users.

Please instruct your patrons to NOT USE IT if they wish to remove someone from a family. Instead, they should delete the incorrect relationship. If they delete the person from the incorrect relationship, they are deleting that person from the entire database, destroying all of the correct relationships, ordinances, and links to sources, photos, stories, etc. Even records created by Membership Department, which are supposed to be protected, have been deleted! The only time this feature should be used is if the patron can prove that no such person ever existed. e.g. a wrong gender record, or a record that the patron personally created in error.

There have been some real horror stories from the misuse of this feature, please do what you can to avoid further damage until the programmers can bring this under control. 

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