Thursday, May 16, 2013

We Can Help You

Your local Family History Center and your ward Family History Consultants can help you with these features on :

Searching for AncestorsHistorical Records – records of your ancestors from official sources
Submitted Genealogies – unofficial family trees submitted by members
Microfilm Catalog – find records on microfilm that have not yet been digitized
Family Tree – this is where your ancestors want to be
Resource Wiki – is a place to find what resources exist, and how to find them

Preparing Names for the Temple (This is now done on the computer on the Church's family history site
Create a LDS online account if you don't have one
Recover a forgotten user name or reset the password
Add or Find a name in Family Tree
Reserve ordinances in Family Tree
Print a Family Ordinance Request to print temple cards
Share ordinances with the temple file, if you can't to the temple work yourself

Documenting Your Family History in Family TreeAdd an online source citation you have found
Create a source citation
Add historic family photos
Add historic family stories

Finding Software to keep your family history records (Some of it is free)
On click About (at the bottom of the page) and then click Products

(And of course we can also help you to order microfilms and use them in our FHC.)

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