Sunday, September 11, 2016

Bill's Mini Family Discovery Center

Mini Family Discovery Center
Mini Family Discovery Center

Note that the first four sites are not LDS websites and may include some irrelevent content.
After each activity below, return to this tab to continue with the next activity.

1. What does my first name mean?  Or simpler
(Most given names have a meaning, often from an earlier form of the name. Some given names are unique.)

What was happening the year I was born?

3. What is the origin of my family name?

4. Where is my family name most commonly found? For occurrences in the UK and Canada, scroll down to the map

5. Where did my own ancestors come from? To choose the number of generations, click Start.

6. Am I related to some famous historical people? (The further back your lines have been traced in Family Tree, the more relationships you will see to famous people. If you are just getting started there may be none shown, but give it a try!)

7. Can I see a fan chart of my ancestors? Click this link and sign in. You can navigate this fan chart by clicking the name you want to put in the center.

8. Can I find an ancestor to take to the temple? Un-check all but Ordinances. (6 generations would be your great-great-great-grandparents and their descendants.) You can use the links to view the ancestor's Person page, click the Ordinances tab, and reserve temple ordinances.

9. Can I print an ordinance card to take my ancestor to the temple? When signed in your LDS account at FamilySearch,org, click the Temple tab. Find the ancestor you have reserved, put a check mark in the box beside their name, click Print and follow the prompts. Pick up the printed ordinance card from the printer and trim it to size. (If you have no printer, carefully copy the 16-digit number to a piece of paper and take it to the temple office so they can print the card.)

10. Historical photo of me and my family using a camera, phone, or tablet. Get help from FHC staff to upload the photo.

11. Scan an old family photo to
FamilySearch Memories by using the scanner. Get help.

12. Record an interview and upload it to FamilySearch Memories, by using the Memories app. Get help.

Note that the temple-related points, 8 and 9 are for Latter-day Saints only. The other points should work equally well with the general public.

Inspired by a recent visit to the Family Discovery Center in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.
Bill Buchanan, Edmonton Riverbend FHC
This posting may be useful if your Family History Center plans a Family Discovery Day sometime soon, or as an on-going feature. Please feel free to borrow and adapt these ideas. I would welcome feedback in the Comments.

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