Sunday, June 12, 2016

SSD and No Disk Space?

One of the Dell computers at our FHC is slightly different than the others. Instead of having a conventional hard disk, it has a solid state disk, with 128 GB capacity. For several weeks we were getting a message that the disk was full. The similar Dell machines have a 500 GB hard drive, but in my previous experience the hard disks in our FHC remain mostly empty. A full drive made no sense to me.

What could I do to solve the issue with the SSD? I ran a disk cleanup. No improvement! I removed the DOS virtual  machine with the Old Scottish Parish Records (never used in our center). The disk was still full! I removed a couple of other seldom-used programs, but the disk was still essentially full. I didn't dare remove any more programs, as we needed them. Our stake tech did not have a solution either.

Researching the question, I found the suggestion to install a free utility program to see what was using all of the disk space. Voila! The Windows Temp folder was using about 60 GB of space! I checked to see if I could safely delete the temp files.

I deleted them, and for the past several months the SSD has remained half empty. I reinstalled the things I had previously removed, and the last time I checked there was still 54 GB of free space. So we are good!

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