Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Setting up FHC Computers

The FHC Tech forum had a posting today that I wanted to pass along. Many of you subscribe to FHCNET, but this other forum is used mostly by Stake Technology Specialists. I think it will be of interest to FHC Directors and staff. Some of it will be of interest to many of us as individuals. This website is created and maintained in the FamilySearch Europe, Middle-East, and Africa Support.


"OK, so we got a cascaded computer today....

"The computer came with a Vista License on the side, but instructions to call the helpline for a license.  The kindly missionary referred me to:


"Where I find a website that not only has an activation script for my non-Windows7 licensed computer, but also a website that has centralized ALL the coolest software that any FHC would want to install and run in their center... There is even a 615MB installer that does the following:

"This program will install automatically all the software marked as preferred on this page, and also standardize users, wallpapers and the login screen. It needs to be executed with the user 'Patron' and administrative rights."

"I can't believe just how much effort goes into stuff at Church headquarters that is NEVER communicated to STS all over the country.... we are left to flounder around doing our own thing, spending countless hours duplicating efforts world-wide."

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