Monday, October 22, 2012

Sourcing in the FamilySearch Family Tree

Firstly go to and click Sign In
This will take you to a form where you input your user name and password, and click the Sign In button.

Now you will return to the home page, but your name will be shown in where Sign In used to be, and there will be a new Family Tree menu beside the FamilySearch logo. Click it to view your family tree.

If your tree is not displayed, you may need to refresh the screen. If you have not yet been given access to the Family tree, click Help and search for the term: Family Tree access
Then open the document about access to the family tree, and click the internal link to get access.  

Now your tree will be displayed, with your children on your left and your ancestors on your right. You can browse your tree or click on Search to search for an individual. Click on the name, then View Person to view the information about that person. You can scroll down to see all of the information.

Scroll down to the Sources area.

To create a new source, click Create a New Source.
In our example, we will add a photograph of Thomas George Ing and his wife Martha Jane Forsbury.

We will include notes and the web address (URL) and save this source.

And now their marriage certificate:

And of course, when we have added them to Thomas, who else will we add them to?

This is where the FamilySearch Source Box is handy. We do not need to re-create the source, we just need to click on Martha's name and scroll down to her Sources. Open the Source box and attach the sources to Martha. It takes less than a minute. Compare that with adding sources on other sites and in software you may have!

This is very cool! If you have linked to a photo or document, anyone viewing the person's Details page will be able to see the photo or document by clicking the link! Try it. Search for KXVY-4H6

When we find something when researching in FamilySearch, it only takes a click to add it to our Source Box. Then we go to the person's Details (View Person) page, scroll down to Sources , open the Source Box, and Attach the source. It only takes a minute or so.

When creating sources, popular sites for uploading photos and documents include Picasa and Flickr, and of course the Public folder of your own Dropbox account if you plan to maintain it over time.

Once you have attached a source to everyone it applies to, you can safely remove it from your Source Box. (But do not remove the image from the remote website.) The source will remain attached to the people you attached it to. This will help to keep your Source Box to a manageable size.

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  1. Here are some Tree Tips that I shared with our FHC Consultants:

    >If you want to use a book from as a source for your Family Tree, be aware that the URL at the top of your browser is very temporary. You should be able to find a permanent link, however. Right now I see "Copy Link" in the top right corner by the title of the book I just accessed. When you click on "Copy Link" it opens the permanent link that you can copy by using Ctrl-C. Then you can paste it into the web page field of the source you are creating.

    >Use the little "Copy" button on the landing page (beside 'My Source Box') of the sources you find in, that copies what has been indexed so you can paste the indexed data into the notes field in your source.

    >If you find a source attached to one of your Family Tree ancestors that is not in your Source Box but you want to add it and attach it to someone else, click on the title of the source you want, click on 'view' then add it to your Source Box as you would any other source you find on

    >The link to the Family Tree Training materials, including the webinars on Editing Relationships, Sourcing and Merging is You have to be signed in to access them.