Monday, October 24, 2011

Reviving a Stake Family History Center

If I were trying to revive a stake FHC, here are some ideas I would try:

1. Create a schedule of fairly basic lessons. We have more patrons when we have lessons to offer.

2. Phone each ward to get the name, phone number and email address of the bulletin editor and HPGL.

3. Contact each bulletin editor to verify their email address.

4. Send each editor and HPGL a copy of the schedule of lessons and ask to have it included in their bulletin for the next two weeks. Ask them to include the hours of operation as a standing item in each weekly bulletin.

5. Make sure that your hours of operation and phone number are listed in the stake directory, and maybe the FamilySearch wiki.

6. Get a list of all the ward consultants with their contact information.

7. Schedule a monthly training meeting for constultants and other staff.

8. Make sure your stake president and your high councillor over genealogy know who you are and what you are doing.

9. Find out who your area FH advisor is, and what suggestions they have. Their support can be a tremendous benefit.

10. Try to recruit staff that are comfortable with technology. Maybe that recently released YW president or High Councillor? That young man that needs to wait a year before serving a mission? Or that couple who just returned from a mission where they used Skype for a weekly visit with their families? If you are the director, a few strong assistants can help to move the work forward.

11. Delegate these tasks as necessary.

12. Always pray for guidance and help.


Bill Buchanan

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