Friday, July 29, 2011

New Genealogy Online Forum

I received an invitation to join this forum, so I will give it a try:

"Ancestry purchased Rootsweb and renamed the boards. And thanks for reminding me about GenForum at which is also owned by Ancestry. If the genealogy community wants their own Q&A genealogy site independent from any vendor, then here is our opportunity. And thanks for signing up there. Since I committed 3 hours ago, there's now 4 more of us. If we all let others know, we might be able to get our 200 needed fairly quickly." - Louis Kessler

I encourage you to try it out. It is free.

Personally, I will also continue to use RootsWeb message boards and GenForum. FamilySearch also has forums. A Google search should find postings on all of these forums, so it may not be necessary to do separate searches on each of them.

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